Wednesday, 3 May 2006

To the leaders of the European Citizens' Initiative!

An open letter

one year after the rejection of the European Constitution, is planning a group of pro-European organizations a new job. Under the name " initiative Citoyenne Européene "(initiative of European citizens) to the European Commission, signed by one million European citizens petition to be submitted. This calls for the introduction of the procedure of the European citizens' initiative, as envisaged in the Constitution (although it is the sole decision of the Commission, whether the petition is accepted or not). The Board of Newropeans invited to participate in the campaign, explains in this open letter why he did not support the initiative: in his opinion it is the aim of democratizing the EU counter. At the same time he calls upon all those members of pro-European organizations that want to work effectively in the democratization of the system on, to join Newropeans and for the only political rendez-vous of Europe's 500 million citizens in this case be: the European elections in June 2009.

"! To the leaders of the European citizens' initiative

, you have asked us to be involved in supporting their project.
We regret to inform you that we reject any kind of participation. Because we believe that the goal of creating a right to petition in . diametrically opposed to Newropeans' goal of democratizing the European Union is on the one hand and as a relevant fact, the goal of your project, contrary to first appearances, not to give the citizens of Europe more participation in the EU policy process, rather . it comes to reinforce the bureaucratic power of the Commission on the petition for which you want to win the support of one million Europeans, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with democracy, for the right to petition, advocate for you , would give the Commission the absolute and arbitrary right to take up a public petition to support the one million people, or reject it. For Newropeans means the democratization of the European Union, the citizens of extensive participation in the political process to secure.

This is not achieved but by strengthening the power of bureaucrats, but rather by the power of citizens and those they choose as their representatives (in particular the members of the European Parliament), immediately strengthens. On the other hand, we still want to be a pragmatic note, attention to the following issues: . It is without prejudice, must be collected and in whatever form is signed and notarized Furthermore, there is neither legally possible or politically the will, the petition in any type of legal change to this is unavoidable that. the whole enterprise a waste of energy, political engagement and civic motivation entails Newropeans is convinced that -. even if it were possible to collect a large number of signatures - their project no real chance of success has, because in order such a petition. to establish European law, it would require a change in the European treaties, ratified by all Member States. you evacuate the rest of the impotence of the institutions in this area itself.

Newropeans want and can not participate in an action that the citizens in Europe in political dead end and in those who have invested time and energy to increased frustration leads. 's why we ask you to understand that the Newropeans not only refuse to participate, but also - trans-European than in accordance with our goals first political movement -. draw the attention of people in Europe to the danger that this project seeks to strengthen its objective the Commission's power to the detriment of the European Parliament and European Council in the rest of the Newropeans from now on all projects by civil society an assessment published, whether - in the opinion of Newropeans -. promote the democratization of the European Union or hinder all who demand that democracy is finally the core component of the project of European integration do, we note that the Newropeans the difficult but . necessary step in creating the first trans-European political movement have done and compete in all Member States of the European Union and candidate for the European elections in June 2009 will be our "citizens' petition" is to break the monopoly of initiative of the European Commission, we want the European Parliament a full right of initiative is equipped (proposal 5).

We support the principle of direct democracy by the creation of trans-European referenda on EU expansion and changes in the European Treaties (proposal 3) demand. Furthermore, the Newropeans prepare for their election manifesto for 2009 proposal to establish a general right to petition, the addressee, however, will be immediately and without the influence of bureaucrats, the European Parliament. With the European elections in June 2009, the people of Europe and democracy are finding their way in the process of European integration. All that demand as we that the Community system, the democratic opening, are invited to include the real political dialogue with 500 million Europeans. We urge all citizens who want to go with us on our path towards democratization of the EU - whether they are already members of existing European-oriented organizations are or not - to accede to the Newropeans, instead of wasting their time with activities that lead to such dead ends like the one in which lies the European constitutional project, we must develop a comprehensive election program and prepare a pan-European election campaign, and this under. the time pressure of an immovable date: June, 2009 All who wish to engage in this immense task with us, are very welcome..

We all need to be a fact in mind: If results to June 2009, no trans-European political movement, the people in Europe is hope that democracy and Europe can be compatible, then the radical and nationalist parties, the big winners of the 2009 European elections will be. We Newropeans argue that the time and energy are too valuable to waste it, as a petitioner of performing democracy to the institutions. power must be conquered. If the citizens of Europe want to win power in Europe, then they need to engage with a view to June 2009 in the political arena. Anything else, at best, an illusion and waste of time, at worst a political shadow-boxing. Yours sincerely, For Newropeans Executive Franck Biancheri Chairman of Newropeans "

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